IO1. Youth media literacy promising practices handbook – a digital handbook about media literacy and critical thinking practices both in formal and non-formal education and training activities among young people. This handbook contains European shared resources suggestions, initiatives samples, activities and reflection based on field experience. Download

IO2. Open educational resources – short video stories to raise awareness about media literacy (including human rights, children´s and young people rights online, cyber security, author´s right, multiculturalism and gender issues, prevent violence, European identity, etc.); interactive games about media literacy to be played by young people inside or outside schools (12-16 years).

IO3. Assessment/testing materials – a conceptual framework, usability tests and evaluation form for digital resources target to young people from a multicultural perspective (including special attention to cultural discourses, gender representation, written language, iconography, interculturality).


The best and the worst of online classes videos

Maria Carolina Lalanda –  15 years old



Joana and Carolina Pinto – 18 years old 

Lucas- 13 years old

Zlatka – 12 years old


Boryana – 13 years old

Rujka – 16 years old


Stefka – 18 years old



Íris Moreira – 15 years old

Inspirational video – Tell us your story!


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